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Welcome to the entirely true account of Yukon Wolfgang Noël, a real-life, crypt-kicking, full blooded vampire.

Image credit: "Nosferatu, 1922." Image description: A bald, pale, vampire man standing in a dark doorway. End description.

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Other Crypts:

What do you want to know about me for?

I'm just here to tell you what life is like for the living dead. Nothing more.

I'm not very interesting.

Image credit: "Nosforatu, 1922." Image description: Nosforatu's shadow. End description.

Fact, Fangs, and Fiction

Vampires in media and the consequences thereof, an informal essay.

Vampire representation is not all equal. I will most likely tear into your favourite shows or books here but I mean no harm. Like what you like. I like inacurate vampire media too.

Image credit: "Dracula, 1931." Image description: Bela Lugosi's Dracula. End description.

Little known fact: vampires and bumblebees get along exceedingly well.

Dracula kept one as a pet. It had its own little coffin and everything.

You didn't expect that, did you?

I didn't think so.

Image credit: "Dracula, 1931." Image description: A small bumblebee getting into a small coffin. This is a frame from Dracula, 1931. End description.

Move your mouse over this text.

Haha, get rekt. Sorry, sorry. Try the bats now, I promise they won't make fun of you.

Image credit: Blibblob on planet Minecraft. Image description: Three 8-bit bat gifs. The bats are flapping their wings in sync. End description.

Vampire Hunters: The Basics

Yeah, those creeps.

If you click this, I will judge you.

Image credit: "Vampirepedia" Image description: A set of wooden stakes of varying length. End description.

Now, how about we study for your quiz?

I'm kidding. Or am I?

Regardless, I've used some vampire terminology that might not make complete sense yet to your feeble mortal mind.

So, what's up with all those different types of vampires I mentioned earlier? What the hell's a sanguinarian, for example?

Lucky for you, it's all in my handy dictionary! Just click the book!

Leatherbound dictionary

Image credit: "LaurrelLeafFarm.com" Image description: A leatherbound, ornate dictionary. End description.

Where do vampires comes from?

What came first, the vampire or the bite?

Image credit: "The Vampire's Midnight Visit" Image description: An illustration of a vampire draining a sleeping person. End description.

Yukon's Vampire Library

Aka my reading list. I don't usually encourage humans to become well-versed in vampires but I trust you not to share this webpage with hunters. Don't make me regret that.

Image credit: Kennady Cantrell Image description: a large bookshelf with a book floating in front of it. End description.

Vampire Fashion

Because vampires always look flawless.

Image credit: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 1997" Image description: A pink t-shirt with the main characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer on it. End description.

Image credit: "http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com" Image description: A red gramophone. End description.

Click the gramophone to hear sweet sweet vampire music.

Think that's good? Click here to add a little fang to your everyday.

Vampires in Europe

Image credit: "adobe stock photo" Image description: A white castle on a Transylvania Hillside. End description.

Vampires in Africa

Image credit: "stock photo" Image description: A set of hieroglyphs on the side of sandstone. A person, eye, and bird shape can clearly be seen. End description.

Vampires in Asia

Image credit: "stock photo" Image description: A Japanese temple, Daigoji temple, in autumn. End description.

Vampires in The Americas

Image credit: "imgfave.com" Image description: A Nova Scotia (Canada) harbour at night. End description.

Vampires in Oceania

Image credit: "Trevor McKinnon" Image description: The Sydney opera house with different colours projected on it. End description.

Vampires in The Middle East

Image credit: "wikipedia" Image description: A Nicosia (Cyprus) skyline at night. End description.

Image credit: "Giphy" Image description: A gif of flurrying bats in the night sky. End description.

Vampiric Animals have captivated people for ages.

They aren't real vampires but they are quite interesting. There are more blood-sucking animals than just vampire bats, you know.

Vampire Art

Namely art featuring vampires.

A small gallery of visual art of vampires throughout the ages. See vampire music, film, fashion, and writing in the sections above.

Vampires make great muses. It's a shame that we can't be photographed with an ordinary camera because we're so photogenic. Have you ever tried to dress or do your makeup without the use of a mirror? It's hard. Sitting for a portrait used to be the only way to know what you looked like.

PSA: Paint/draw your vampire friends. They deserve it and they'll jump at the opportunity.

If you'd like to add your art to this gallery, you can summon me through the ether or say so in the guestbook at the top of this page. Just tell me which section it belongs in. I'd love to see it.

My social battery is quite drained so I'm handing over a few pages to some friends who have agreed to help me with this project. Don't worry, I'll be back. I'll probably just nap for a few weeks.

While I'm gone you need to remember two things. Number one: I love Arson but you cannot take him too seriously. Number two: Marlene is hungrier than she looks. Oh, and please feed Batty (he is located in my "about me" section.)

Good day.


Image credit: "Nosferatu, 1922." Image description: Nosferatu sleeping in a coffin. End description.

Marlene's Corner!

All about modern vampires! Enter if you dare >:3

Image credit: dressupgames.com. Image description: a goth cartoon girl wearing a small tophat, corset, skirt, long diamond earrings, and a choker. She has long blue hair and black eyes. End description.

Arson's Corner!

Arson answers the big questions about vampirism! Big eyestrain warning here folks!! I luv rainbows XDDD

If you wanna help with this page ask some questions in the guestbook! :P

Image credit: chemicataclysm. Image description: an emo vampire with green and black hair and blood spattered on his face. End description.

Kasha's Realm

Warning: Bright.

Image credit: https://picrew.me/image_maker/25624 Image description:a black and white vampire with a demon face, ram's horns, and long tongue. End description.

Hershal's House

Not for the faint of heart.

Yukon, keep out. I want to talk to your friend in peace.

Image credit: Rainheal. Image description: a cute black and white vampire with colours behind it. There is blood on its face and bats floating around. End description.

I'm Back.

Did you miss me?

Look, I just woke up from a two-month long nap so I need to eat but first, did you know that people are trying to burn the library of Alexandria again? If you care about preserving books and if you care about libraries, how about looking into ways to help the Internet Archive? Thanks.

Image credit: "Nosferatu, 1922." Image description: Nosferatu leaning over a human in bed. End description.

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