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Arson's Interests

Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Astrology, Scenecore, Scene, Rave Culture, Sum41, Blink 182, Against Me! MCR, Pink Floyd, The Dropkick Murpheys, Retro Games, Kandi, Queer History, Web Design

Arson's Blurbs

I fucking LOVE the internet!!

I'm a vampire and I'm here to tell you a little something about being a vampire!!!!

You may think of us as all gothic and serious but I'm here to tell you that vampires can look like ANYBODY! I got way into the scene lifestyle in 2006 and NEVER LEFT IT! Maybe you recognize me from MySpace! I've tried to make this page look as similar as possible to my old one. If you've ever been to a rave where one bloke was insisting on being invited in, that was me!! Probably, anyway.

But enough about me, let's talk about vampires!

I call this: Arson answers age old questions about vampires!!!

  1. When did humans start noticing vampires?
  2. Vampire myths date back to Mesopotamia! Congrats, guys! You took note of us in your very first civilization XDDD You didn't call us vampires until about the 1700's. Prior to that we were blood-sucking demons and temptresses. Early spellings of the word vamprire include Vampyre and Vampyr depending on the language [EX: Heinrich August Ossenfelder’s “Der Vampyr” from Germany.]

  3. Why is there so much vampire romance?
  4. Because vampires are HAWT!!! I mean, look at me!

    Jkjk there are actually people who have studied this kind of thing. The most influential vampire romance is largely considered to be Dracula by Irish novelist, Bram Stoker. It kicked off the genre of vampire romance way back in 1897. Since then, vampire romance has been a huge and lucrative genre. The Vampire Lestat, Twilight, Buffy, the titles are endless. Some theorize that humans think of vampires as romantic because we occupy the bad-boy archetype while being sensitive, stylish, and tragic. Others think it could be because we are the personification of both eternal love and rebellion. Some people even see us as reflections of themselves if they feel ousted by society. Whatever the reason, they are correct. We are VERY attractive. I like my men with fangs, don't you?

  5. Can vampires eat human food?
  6. For the purpose of this question I'm going to assume you mean vampires like myself as there are many different types of vampire and some types do rely on human food the way humans do. Yes, most of us can. There are a few sub-species of vampire who cannot eat human food at all. It will make them violently ill. Many of us, however, can eat physically it. We just have no reason to. We derive no nutritional value from it so we may prefer not to because it gives us no feeling of fullness. Some refuse because they don't want to be reminded of the times when they were human. I eat human food when I'm out in public to blend in.

    The really fun thing is alcohol. Vampires like myself do not get drunk from drinking alcohol if it's not in the blood of a human. That means I can challenge people to drinking contests, remain stone cold sober while they embarass themselves trying to keep up, and then bite em later on and get tipsy myself! It's a very efficient system XD

  7. Do vampires burn immediately in the sunlight?
  8. This, again, depends on the type. Some vampires, modern vampires, energy vampires, etc, are perfectly at ease in the sun! I would burn gradually if I went out in direct sunlight, which is why I pay so much every month for sunscreen XP

That's all I've got but if you have questions yourself please send em!!! The guestbook is a good place because I don't have a MySpace anymore (sad D: )

Have a great day!!!

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