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I'm honestly kind of surprised you're still here. I'm impressed, even.

Image credit: "Nosferatu, 1922." Image description: A bald, pale, vampire man standing in a dark doorway. End description.

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Vampire Powers. Vampowers?

What kinds of abilities do vampires have? What can we do? This is a rude thing to ask coming from a human, which is why I am volunteering it here. Read on if you dare...

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Vampires In The Human World

It is a human's world, after all. So where do the vampires live when they aren't a count or a king?

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There are many benifits to living death apart from human society.

Many vampires live removed from human society and while there are many reasons for this, there are three big ones.

  1. Many vampires don't want to be around humans for fear of hurting them. You know how My Chemical Romance said "Vampires Will Never Hurt You?" That is FALSE. Vampires WILL hurt you if they have to, don't know how to stop themselves, or if they just want to hurt you. Vampires are not always as cuddly as me (sarcasm). Many of us keep ourselves tucked away for your safety.
  2. Secondly, some vampires put everything they have into living the aesthetic. I mean, yeah. If you're not worried about how close you are to your favourite store or if you don't get lonely, then living in an ancient castle alone and isolated is pretty sweet. You know, if you can afford it. Most vampires cannot. But the ones who can enjoy the luxuries that such a large home provides. You never run out of space, you can keep collecting items as long as you live, and you rarely have to move to avoid suspicion. Castle-unliving is practical and cool.
  3. Finally, many vampires simply prefer to be separated from humans because really we are separate species. I mean, you've seen what some vampires look like. You have no clue what I look like yet, reader. I've been using Nosferatu's image a lot on this site but I'm not him. For all you know, I can't blend in either. I could look like Hershal, a human-bat hybrid, or Kasha for example. We also have very different lifestyles than humans do. You're awake making noise while we're trying to sleep. It isn't convenient.

Humans in the Vampire World

Image credit: Dracula (1931) Image description: Renfield running up a set of stairs. End description.

Are you familiar with familiars?

Visit this page to become moreso.

Vampire Hunters Part 2

Yeah, we're talking about those creeps again. Look, I know it sucks but hear me out. You need to know about them to know about vampires. Besides, I have to live with them so you do too. Now, say it with me: BOOOOO! HUNTERS! BOOOOOO!

Image Credit: Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997) Image description: Buffy The Vampire Slayer holding a knife. End description.

Vampires Who Don't Eat Humans

Image Credit: purepng.com Image Description: A bunch of carrots. End description.

If a vampire asks you, "What's your blood type?" they could be flirting with you, or they could be preying on you.

Different blood types taste different to vampires. Everyone has a preference. It's like having a favourite food.

My favourite is A+ blood. If you have A+ blood and are looking to experience a vampire bite, call me. I promise, I'll only take a little. Pinky swear.

I'm not flirting though. I'm 100% preying on you.

Keep that in mind.

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