Image credit: jellyclaws on Tumblr. Image description: A gif of the sillhouette of a vampire turning into a bat. End description.

Vampires have a plethora of powers.

Vampires don't all have the same powers. Instead, we all have different combinations of powers. A vampire's exact abilities depend on a lot of things, including but not limited to: the type of vampire they are, the phase of the moon when they were turned, their age, their heritage (in the case of born-vampires), and various metaphysical concepts. There are too many variables to make any sort of chart showing what controls what in terms of vampiric abilities. Believe me, I once dedicated 30 years to the project with my friend Hershal. We both nearly went crazy. Instead of making another attempt and losing what is left of my sanity, I'm simply going to explain different vampiric abilities to you. Buckle up, this is going to get weird.

Where do vampires get their powers from?

That's a good question. While the specific powers a vampire possesses can come from any number of factors, all vampires have one thing in common and that's "vampiric energy." Vampiric energy flows through the... not veigns... bodies of all vampires. From mostly-human modern vampires to Count Dracula himself, vampiric energy binds us all. Vampiric energy is a supernatural substitute for "life force." Humans have a metaphysical energy to them too, it's just different from a vampire's. Being undead does things to you. Some people feel compelled to call this energy by a different name. Some call it a "soul" or "magic" while others don't believe in it at all. This energy is like the mitochondria of the vampire (and as everyone knows, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.)

An important note: overusing powers can cause energy drain in even the strongest of vampires. Stay safe.

What kinds of powers can vampires have?

Another good question. Allow me to demonstrate.

  1. Energy Consumption: Possibly the most famous and definately the mots common; drinking blood unites *most* vampires across the globe but it is not the only type of energy consumption out there. Psychic energy, emotional energy, sexual energy, etc. are all types of energy consumed by vampires. Some vampires even eat hearts, souls, and other body parts!
  2. Flight: Flying is a common power for most types of vampire. Some can fly whether or not they're in bat form.You find it much more convienent to fly in bat form, though. People don't stare as much.
  3. Shapeshifting: Many vampires can shapeshift. The most common example of this is the ability to turn into a bat but plenty of vampires are not limited as to the animal shape they can take. Some vampires can shapeshift into more human-looking or more attractive human forms as well. The dearg-due, for example, make themselves more attractive to tempt their prey. They're geniuses. The Obayifo (from West Africa) can even turn themselves into little balls of light to fly around.
  4. Mind-Control: The ability to exert one's will over another person using only the mind. Some vampires can make people do things using mind-control.
  5. Telepathy: Telepathy refers to communication using only the mind. Many vampires can 'speak' to people without ever opening their mouths.
  6. Telekinesis: The Force. Just kidding, but kind of. Telekinesis is the ability to move things with your mind.
  7. Eternal Youth: Most vampires look the age they were when they were turned forever. Often this translates to looking eternally young.
  8. Eternal Life: This is different from eternal youth. Those with eternal life continue to age although they will not die of age. Some vampires do not continue to age physically but still have eternal life rather than eternal youth because they were turned later in life. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. It can happen at any time.
  9. Dream Invasion: Some vampires (and some demons) are capable of invading the dreams of humans. Alps are known to haunt people's dreams while wearing magical hats.
  10. Posession: Some vampires, like the Adzes are capable of posessing humans the way demons can.
  11. Super Strength: Many vampires, most even, have super strength. No walls can hold a vampire with this power. We can break and lift just about anything. When Clark Kent does it he's a hero but when I do it I'm evilllllll. I see how it is.
  12. Super Speed: Moving very fast, to the point where one's movement is invisible or blurry to the untrained eye is a common vampiric power. It is especially useful for getting the fuck out of the sun.
  13. Time Distortion: The ability to stop time or make it pass very slowly is uncommon among vampires but not unheard of. Sometimes, it is indistinguishable from super speed.
  14. Divination: Many vampires can see the future or are all-knowing. The Indian Vetalas typically have this power but vampires from all over the world can exhibit these traits too. Some vampires even have the power to share this knowledge with others telepathically.
  15. Daywalking: Certain types of vampires, modern vampires, energy vampires, Yara-Ma-Yha-Whos, etc. have the ability to go out in the sun. I mean, humans do too but it's cool I guess.
  16. Elemental Powers: Some vampires can control the weather. Have you always wondered why it's always so stormy around certain really emo vampires' castles?
  17. Invulnerability: You need specific tools to kill vampires. A regular kitchen knife probably won't do it. Vampires are also immunte to human/animal disease and illnesses.

Which out of these do you have?

I'm not telling. Yet.

What about weaknesses?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha fuck you.

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