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Some Vampires Don't Drink Human Blood

We call them vegetarians.

I know among humans that word means something completely different, but when a vampire talks about a vegetarian we're talking about someone who does not feed on human beings.

So what do they drink?

  1. Animal blood. Wild animals like deer or rabbits tend to taste the best. Domestic animals like cows or goats are another prime target but their blood is more bitter and less gamey. Don't get me wrong, some vampires prefer livestock (EX: Chupacabra) but most go after wild animals.
  2. Blood pills. Little powder tablets that you drop into a glass of water and dissolve. They turn the water into a blood substitute I've heard is just like the real thing.
  3. Blood meal. Dried animal blood such as beef blood that is often used to make pet food or plant food. It can be used to make vampire food too. It can be easily bought online.

Some of them don't drink at all. Vampires who consume other forms of energy can do it with or without humans.

  1. Lunar energy. This is energy that comes from the moon. Vampires who can consume this energy typically either have some werewolf blood in them and/or are specialized energy vampires.
  2. Storm energy. When a huge storm, especially an electrical storm, passes over it can create excess energy that some vampires are able to feed on.
  3. Energy well sigils. Symbols often drawn on paper or made with sand or salt. These sigils are called energy wells because they draw in delicous magic energy ripe for the picking.
  4. Crystals. Some energy vampires can use crystals to amplify other kinds of energy for feeding.
  5. Colour. I've never seen it outside of cartoons but I've heard of vampires who can drink colours out of objects. The process feeds the vampire and turns the objects grey/black.

Why be a vegetarian?

That's a fair question. Not even human vegetarians are immune to it.

Between staying off hunters' radars and not killing humans, the benefits of being a vampire vegetarian are pretty obvious. I mean, I'm not one. Human blood tastes good. You guys are delicious. But many of my friends are.

Many vampire vegetarians don't want to harm humans and don't trust themselves to feed on them at all. Others prefer to keep a low profile.

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