Vampire Music Is Diverse

Image credit: pinimg.com Image description: a vintage, aesthetically dark jukebox in a 50's diner. End description.

There isn't one kind of vampire music.

Many vampires feel connected to the folk music from their homeland. Many vampires, like myself, prefer music that is aesthetically dark like grunge and metal. Many vampires, however, don't want to play into the stereotype and select music that is much lighter and happier. Plenty of vampires listen to nothing but classical music because it's what they grew up with.

So what makes vampire music? Is it music enjoyed by vampires? Music made by vampires? Music about vampires? All of the above, as demonstrated in the following:

    Vampire Musicians:

    (You may think "hey, X isn't a vampire!" You decide why they're on this list.)

  1. Marceline The Vampire Queen
  2. Olivia Olson
  3. Aurelio Voltaire
  4. Raleigh Ritchie
  5. Laszlo Cravensworth
  6. Nadja of Antipaxos
  7. Andrea Litkei
  8. Ervin Litkei
  9. Fine the Queen of the Vampires
  10. Kobayashi YĆ«
  11. Florence and the Machine
  12. Iron and Wine
    Spotify Playlists:
  1. Vampire Songs for Vampires
  2. Cottagecore Themed Vampire Songs
  3. Vampire Vibes
  4. Vampire Party
  5. vampiress vibes
  6. Vampire Grunge
  7. The World is a Vampire...
  8. Vampire Ska
  9. Vamp Tunez
    YouTube Playlists:
  1. Vampyre Jams
  2. a playlist to make you feel like a hot vampire
  3. songs for you to drink blood to
  4. Modern Vampire Rock
  5. Vampire Vibes Playlist
  6. Vampire Rock
  7. Vampire Classical Music
  8. The Vampire Approaches!!!
    Soundcloud Playlists:
  1. Single Song: Innistrad by Keo x Cosmik

I hope you find something here you enjoy. Come back later to see more playlists.

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