Are There Vampire Artists?

Absolutely there are. There are tons. When you live this long, art becomes an inevitable fact of un-life. When you have this much time on your hands, you can't help but create. But humans don't always know which of their favourite renaissance artists were vampires and I'm not here to out anyone.

So What's This Page About?

My favourite pieces of visual art of vampires, of course! There are sections on this site for music and books too. Visual art is a whole different ballgame though. We'll tackle it by style.


Unknown artist, 16th century. A portrait of Vlad the Impaler.

Unknown artist, 16th century. A portrait of Elizabeth Bathory.


James M. Rymer, 1845-1847. A pencil illustration of a vampire draining a sleeping person.

Henry Fuseli, 1781. An oil painting of a demon sitting upon a sleeping woman's chest. A demented horse looks on in horror.


David Henry Friston, 1872. Pencil illustration of the vampire Carmilla leaning over a sleeping woman while a man walks into the room.


Max Ernst, 1930's. A man fleeing a vampire woman who has wings. Both are very well dressed.


Olga Shvartsur, 2014. A watercolour painting of Nicholas Cage in A Vampire's Kiss. Prints here.

Grandfailure, 2010. A well-dressed vampire woman smoking a long cigarette.

Jacob Anderson, 2022. Jacob Anderson holding up a card with information for an Q and A session and a small vampire doodle on it.

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