What Do Vampires Even Wear?

When you can't look yourself in the mirror getting dressed can become a bit of a diffucult task, but have you ever seen a poorly dressed vampire?

Not a chance. We all look stunning 24/7. Next time you see a vampire, congratulate them on looking so flawless without the help of a mirror.

Now, there really are no rules to how vampires dress or what they look like, but many traditional vampires fall into a few categories of style.

Refined Terror

Image credit: "Dracula (1931)" Image description: Dracula from the 1931 film, holding his cape out behind him. End description.

In this image, Dracula can be seen showing off his fabulous cape. This gothic-inspired style relies heavily on dark colours and materials like velvet and silk. No refined terror look is complete without a cape or cloak to really make your outfit scream "I'm better than everyone, give me your blood."

Subtle Corvid

Image credit: "What We Do In The Shadows (2019)" Image description: Three members of the main cast of What We Do In The Shadows wearing victorian clothes. One is in a tux. End description.

In this picture, two vampires are representing the subtle corvid style. Ignore the human in the tuxedo to the far right. Nadja and Laszlo are sporting a more understated gothic look. Dark colours and old fashioned articles of clothing without all the bells and whistles.

Y2K Hell

Image credit: "Twilight (2008)" Image description: The main cast of Twilight rocking early 2000's fashion. End description.

Because mainstream early 2000's fashion didn't need to be more diabolical. The Cullen family here is sporting perfect exaples of Y2K hell. Basically, whatever a quiet, dark, background character in an early 2000's movie would wear is perfect Y2K hell. They're not quite gothy, they just wear dark colours and sometimes semi-formal clothes. Are you sensing a theme here?

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