Vampire History from Asia

Image credit: JakeSkywalkerr on Reddit, Image description: A neon city street in Busan, South Korea, at night. End description.

Across Asia, there have been many vampires and vampire species of legend.

In Japan, the suiko or "Water Tiger" is similar to a Kappa but is not the same. These water-dwelling vamps eat anything but prefer the blood and souls of human beings. They are sometimes also found in China, they have the body of a small child, and they have the power to posess humans. They also like to drag them into the water, drink all their blood, and let the *ahem* empty container float to the surface.

In India, vetalas are spirits which inhabit deceased bodies. While the spirit is in the body, the body does not rot. They are all-knowing so humans often seek to control them but they are not easily controlled. They cause misfortune and madness wherever they please. They've been featured in literature since at least the 11th century.

In the Philippines, the manananggal prey on sleeping pregnant people. They can separate themselves in half and have fangs and bat-like wings. Certain versions of folklore state that manananggals hate garlic, spices, stingray tails, and vinegar.

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